kristin nicole browneyes
kristin nicole browneyes


Bunnycutlet Gallery likes to curate 10-day “pop ups” at our space a few times a year, between longer-term exhibits, for the new, exciting and experimental artists we meet. This January we decided to do TWO such pop-ups back-to-back! So now, with the memory of Joohee Park's impressive Eye See You, You See Eye opening fresh in our minds, we’re very excited to announce that NEXT UP - in less than two weeks on January 24th - is the opening of Through The Ticket, a solo exhibit featuring the incredibly bright and evocative work of Kristen Liu-Wong. Press release & promotional series kicks off tomorrow!

THROUGH THE THICKET JANUARY 24TH!!!!!! First fully released image for the show: Meatfarm. Be sure to keep an eye out for more peeks at all the stuff I’ve been making!!

Artist Name: Florian Tenk

thank you :) 

Feminists Install Temporary Memorial to Rape Survivors on Washington Mall

by Sarah Mirk on February 15, 2013 - 10:34am

The National Mall got a new memorial yesterday, if only briefly. As part of One Billion Rising, Baltimore-based feminist group FORCE installed a temporary memorial recognizing survivors of sexual assault. The group greated giant letters out of a statement from a rape survivor and floated the eight-foot-tall words onto the reflecting pool in front of the Lincoln Memorial. 

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-Jhene aiko

"Let it Be"
Artist Name: Sarah B. Kamsin

Lorna SimpsonShe, 1992Color Polaroids and engraved Plexiglas plaque29 x 85 1/4 x 2 in. (73.7 x 216.5 x 5.1 cm)Collection Museum of Contemporary Art Chicago, gift of Judith Neisser, 1996.3.a–e© 1992 Lorna SimpsonPhoto: Nathan Keay, © MCA Chicago